Stuart Thomas Needlecases

Stuart Thomas Needlecases





Stuart Thomas Needlecases

Needlecases.  (Click any image for a larger view).

“The woods I use have been specially chosen for their suitability for turning screw threads. They need to be hardwoods with a close, short-grained density. I have selected three beautiful woods of the highest quality, African Blackwood, English Boxwood and Mexican Cocobola Rosewood. “


Every needlecase will be presented in a velour pouch and will have a certificate showing the style name, the name of the wood and when it was bought. Each certificate will be signed by Stuart.

The Sian Needlecase.

The mother of all Needlecases, as given to sons or husbands during the war.

The top is a thimble and inside the body of the case is a bobbin. This has its own screw top which reveals the needle space. A complete sewing kit in one neat package.

Size approximately 3” x 1” diameter.

Price:  £30.

The Sian range.

The Gwen Needlecase.

My mother’s name.

Lovely to hold. When not in use during needlework just use it to run your fingers over. Very relaxing.

Size approximately 3” x 3/4” diameter.

Price: £15.   

The Olwen Needlecase.

Ideal for the workbox to keep those larger needles safe.

A really classic design.

Size approximately 3 ¼ “ x 1 1/8” diameter  

Price:  £18.   

The Eirlys Needlecase.

A very ornate needlecase which also makes a lovely display piece, especially with a mother of pearl inlay.

Size approximately 3” x 7/8” diameter.

Price:  £15.

With real mother of pearl inlay add £2.50.

The Mair Needlecase.

A traditional style needlecase easily slipped into your pocket or bag.

With its screw threaded top there is no fear of the needles falling out.

Size approximately 3” x 3/4”.diameter.

Price:  £12.50.


Sian in Blackwood

Sian in Boxwood

Sian in Rosewood

Mair in Rosewood

Gwen in Rosewood

Olwen in Rosewood

Eirlys in Rosewood

Eirlys in Boxwood

Eirlys in Blackwood

Mair in Boxwood

Mair in Blackwood

Gwen in Boxwood

Gwen in Blackwood

Olwen in Blackwood

Olwen in Boxwood

Stuart Thomas Needlecases

The Eirlys Needlecase with Mother of Pearl inlay.